Newburyport’s Central Congregational Church Donates $1000 to Roof Over Head Collaborative

Jo An Kincaid, Joyce Munier, CC Rev. Chris Ney, and Kerri Perry!/photo.php?fbid=10150747908167505&set=oa.305083259563005&type=1&theater

The Reverend Christopher Ney of Newburyport’s Central Congregational Church gives a donation of $1000 to members of Roof Over Head Collaborative’s board members, Jo An Kincaid, Joyce Munier and Kerri Perry.  The donation was one of several from the church to local charities as a part of their Outreach Tithe from their capital campaign.  The mission of Roof Over Head Collaborative (ROOF) is to prov...ide transitional housing for families in need in Amesbury, Newburyport and Salisbury. ROOF collaborates with a social service organization that has compatible goals to empower children and their families to restore dignity and end the frightening reality of homelessness.  To learn how you can help through donations or volunteering, please contact ROOF at